L. S. Starrett

The L. S. Starrett Company is a global business, headquarted in Athol, Massachusetts, but with production facilities in North and South America, the UK and China.

Company Details

Registration Name The L. S. Starrett Company Ltd
Place of Registration Jedburgh, Scotland
Registered Office Address   Oxnam Road, Jedburgh, Scotland TD8 6LR
Registered Number 32886 (Scotland)
VAT Number GB268390233
Telephone Number +44 (0)1835 863501
Email Address sales@starrett.co.uk

Web Sites

A number of different web sites have been developed, covering specific markets or specfic product ranges.

Contact Information

tel: 01835 863501
email: click here

Oxnam Road

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu : 8am - 5pm
Fri : 8am - 12:30pm

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